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Characteristics of Gude Composite Stainless Steel Drill Tail Screw

Characteristics of Gude Composite Stainless Steel Drill Tail Screw

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Product structure:

304/316+410 Composite Stainless Steel Drill Tail Screw Series

304/316+Alloy Steel Composite Stainless Steel Drill Tail Screw Series after Heat Treatment

Stainless steel drill tail screw

Product features:

For high pollution environment and coastal areas; high temperature; humid environment; coupled with automobiles; factories emit a large number of sulfide-containing exhaust gas and particles, which are the causes of metal oxidation; corrosion.

Composite stainless steel drill tail screw is corrosion-resistant stainless steel drill tail screw; Austrian system stainless steel material with screw locking part and head (18-8); alloy steel (or 410 stainless steel material) surface is used for tapping part and drill tail part of the front end after special treatment; research and development; anti-rust and corrosion life can achieve good results.

Because the thread drill tail and tapping area are specially hardened metals; after tapping into the iron plate; stainless steel part is introduced into the thread; the former stainless steel tapping screw is eliminated; the phenomenon of lock-up often caused by thread wear and tear changes; the connection is achieved; and the drawing strength with higher coefficient is maintained.

It does not need pre-drilling; can replace the existing stainless steel tapping screw, more suitable for the installation of various wall materials; construction; thus improving the anti-rust ability.

Composite stainless steel tail drill screw; because of its special design of tail drill die; used in steel structure engineering; can achieve lighter load; faster cutting effect; not only can reduce the workload of users; work at high altitude; or difficult operating environment; can play its outstanding effect.

Scope of application: Because of its strong rust-proof ability, good corrosion-resistant life, acid and alkali resistance, weather resistance for coastal areas and high polluting climate, products and buildings suitable for various corrosion-resistant requirements.

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