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Do you know the stainless steel screw inspection method?

Do you know the stainless steel screw inspection method?

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There are four main inspection methods for stainless steel screw fasteners:

I. Appearance Quality Requirements

The inspection of the appearance of stainless steel screw is carried out from the aspects of appearance, electroplating and so on.

II. Inspection of Coating Thickness of Screws

1. Gauge method: The quantity used includes micrometer, vernier caliper, plug gauge, etc.

2. Magnetic method: The magnetic method is a non-destructive measurement of non-magnetic coatings on magnetic substrates by magnetic thickness gauge.

3. Microscopic method: Microscopic method is called metallographic method. It magnifies the etched fastener on a metallographic microscope with a micrometer eyepiece and measures the thickness of the coating on the cross section.

4. Chronofluidic method

The chrono-liquid flow method calculates the thickness of the coating according to the time required for the solution to dissolve the coating to flow on the local surface of the coating. There are coating drip method, anodic dissolution coulometry and so on.

3. Inspection of adhesion strength of screw coating

There are many methods for evaluating the adhesion between coatings and matrix metals, usually the following.

1. Friction polishing test;

2. File method test;

3. Scratch method;

4. Bending test;

5. Thermal shock test;

6. Extrusion method.

IV. Corrosion Resistance Testing of Stainless Steel Screw Coating

The test methods for corrosion resistance of coatings include: air exposure test; neutral salt spray test (NSS test); acetate spray test (ASS test), copper accelerated acetate spray test (CASS test); corrosion paste test (CORR test) and solution drip corrosion test; impregnation test, inter-impregnation corrosion test and so on.

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