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What products do stainless steel screw manufacturers produce?

What products do stainless steel screw manufacturers produce?

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1. Stainless steel bolt: a kind of fastener consisting of head and screw (cylindrical body with external threads), which needs to cooperate with nuts to fasten and connect two parts with through holes. This connection form is called bolt connection. If the nut is screwed off from the bolt, the two parts can be separated, so the bolt connection belongs to the removable connection.

2. Stainless steel stud: a kind of fastener without head and with thread at both ends. When connecting, one end of the machine is to be screwed into the part with internal thread hole, the other end is to pass through the part with through hole, and then the nut is screwed up, even if the two parts are tightly connected as a whole. This form of connection is called stud connection and also belongs to removable connection. It is mainly used in situations where one of the connected parts is thicker, requires compact structure, or is not suitable for bolted connection because of frequent disassembly.

3. Stainless steel screw: It is also a kind of fastener consisting of head and screw. It can be divided into three categories according to its use: machine screw, fastening screw and special purpose screw. Machine screw is mainly used for fastening parts with fixed threaded holes, and the fastening connection between parts with through holes does not require nut coordination (this connection form is called screw connection, also belongs to removable connection; it can also be used with nuts for fastening connection between two parts with through holes). Fixing screw is mainly used to fix the relative position between two parts. Special purpose screw such as ring screw for lifting parts.

Stainless steel nuts: with internal threaded holes, the shape is generally flat hexagonal cylinder, but also flat square cylinder or flat cylinder, with bolts, studs or machine screw, used to fasten the connection of two parts, making it a whole. The special category of high strength self-locking nuts is a classification of self-locking nuts, which has high strength and reliability. The main premise is to introduce European technology for road construction machinery, mining machinery, vibration machinery and other equipment. At present, there are few domestic manufacturers of such products.

Nylon self-locking stainless steel nut is a new type of high anti-vibration and anti-loosening fastening parts, which can be used in various mechanical and electrical products at temperatures ranging from - 50 100 C. At present, the demand of nylon self-locking nuts for aerospace, aviation, tanks, mining machinery, automobile transport machinery, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, electrical products and various machinery has increased dramatically, because its anti-vibration and anti-loosening performance is much higher than other kinds of machinery.

The vibration life of the anti-loosening device is several times or even tens of times longer. At present, more than 80% of the accidents of mechanical equipment are caused by the loosening of fasteners, especially in mining machinery. The use of nylon self-locking nuts can eliminate the major accidents caused by the loosening of fasteners.

5. Stainless steel self-tapping screw: similar to machine screw, but the thread on the screw is special thread for self-tapping screw. It is used to fasten two thin metal components and make them a whole. Small holes need to be made in advance. Because of the high hardness of the screw, it can be directly screwed into the holes of the components to form internal threads in response. This form of connection is also a removable connection.

6. Stainless steel wood screw: It is similar to machine screw, but the thread on the screw is a special thread for wood screw. It can be directly screwed into wooden components (or parts) to fasten a metal (or non-metal) part with through holes to a wooden component. The connection is also removable.

7. Stainless steel gasket: a kind of fastener with flat circular shape. Placing between the support surface of bolts, bolts or nuts and the surface of connecting parts plays a role in increasing the contact surface area of connecting parts, reducing unit area pressure and protecting the surface of connecting parts from being damaged. Another kind of elastic washer can also play a role in preventing the loosening of nuts.

8. Stainless steel retaining ring: It is used in the axle groove or hole groove of machine and equipment to prevent the parts on the axle or hole from moving left and right.

9. Stainless steel pins: mainly for parts positioning, and some can also be used for parts connection, fixing parts, power transmission or locking other fasteners.

10. Stainless steel rivet: A kind of fastener consisting of head and nail rod. It is used to fasten two parts (or components) with through holes and make them a whole. This form of connection is called rivet connection, referred to as riveting. It belongs to non-removable connection. Because to separate the two parts that are connected together, the rivets on the parts are destroyed.

11. Assemblies and connection pairs: assemblies refer to a kind of fasteners supplied by assemblies, such as a combination of some machine screw (or bolt, self-supply screw) and a flat washer (or spring washer, locking washer); connection pairs refer to a kind of fasteners supplied by a combination of special bolts, nuts and washers, such as high-strength hexagonal head bolt pairs for steel structures.

12. Stainless steel welding nails: Because of the different fasteners consisting of light energy and nail head (or no nail head), they are fixed and connected to one part (or component) by welding method so as to connect with other stainless steel standard parts.

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