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"Environmental Awareness" That Screw Manufacturers Cant Neglect

"Environmental Awareness" That Screw Manufacturers Cant Neglect

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Nowadays, the term "environmental awareness" has almost become a must mentioned in every environmental education activity. It is easy to feel that the first goal of environmental education activities is to improve people's environmental awareness. In order to achieve the rigid target of 10% reduction of pollutants in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period proposed by our country, we should not only pay attention to environmental education, but also pay attention to details. To clearly understand where the requirements of this indicator come from, the screw industry is a little less polluted than some special heavy industry pollution zones, but it can not be ignored. Although there is no hard target for screw manufacturers to reduce pollutant emission, they also have to shoulder some social responsibilities.

Compared with developed countries and regions, the overall level of China's screw industry has improved to a certain extent in recent years, but the environmental awareness is still at a shallow level, because people's environmental awareness level is restricted by a variety of social factors. Environmental awareness is embodied by people's environmental behavior.

Looking at the internal management of screw manufacturers, the level of environmental awareness is often higher than the level of environmental behavior, but in fact there is a "thought giant, action dwarf", pollution reduction is urgent. It is understood that the environmental situation of the screw industry is still worthy of attention, highlighted in water pollution and pollutant emissions, some old enterprises have long accumulated environmental problems to be improved, new start-up enterprises environmental problems are also emerging.

At present, the environmental problems of some local screw manufacturers have not been solved for a long time, and the rebound of pollution has been prohibited repeatedly, even intensified.

For example, the pollution of hydrochloric acid fog in drawing process, the discharge of phosphating and blackening liquor in surface treatment, the pollution of acid pickling and alkali liquor in electrolytic galvanizing, and the pollution of oil smoke, noise and sewage in cold heading workshop affect the lives of employees and the people from time to time, while toxic and harmful gases will affect the human nervous system, immune system and endocrine system. The system and reproductive system have adverse effects, causing people to experience sleepiness, weakness, chest tightness, trance and allergies. Is there any hope for improvement, and what measures should be taken to solve these problems? Only by understanding the details of one problem after another, can the overall and holistic problems be solved more thoroughly and effectively.

Difficult things in the world must be done easily, and great things in the world must be done in detail. Some seemingly trivial, insignificant things, the final impact is often the overall cause of environmental protection.

The continuous improvement of details and the real implementation of specific measures are the basis and key to do a good job in environmental protection and to achieve the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" pollution reduction targets.

Screw manufacturers must attach great importance to environmental protection. They should speed up technological innovation and institutional innovation, increase investment in environmental protection science and technology, strengthen pollution prevention and control within the enterprise area, promote cleaner production, build a harmonious and sustainable development of human and nature of the screw manufacturing, truly grasp the details of management, from the source of environmental protection, so as to effectively promote the sustainable development of society as a whole.

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