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Common sense of screw and nut

Common sense of screw and nut

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Matters needing attention in the use of products: Stainless steel and carbon steel are essentially different, stainless steel has good ductility, and improper use will lead to screw and nut can not be screwed. That is commonly known as "locking" or "biting". Improving locking can be considered from the following aspects:

1. Choose the right product:

(1) Verify whether the mechanical properties of the product meet the requirements before use.

(2) The length of the bolt should be selected appropriately. The distance between 1 and 2 teeth of the exposed nut after tightening should be taken as the criterion.

2. Reduce friction coefficient:

(1) The threads must be kept clean;

(2) Adequate addition of lubricants before use

3. Correct operation method:

(1) nuts must be screwed perpendicular to the axis and not inclined;

(2) In the process of tightening, the force must be uniform and the force must not exceed the safe torsion value.

(3) Choose torsion wrench or sleeve wrench as far as possible, avoid using movable wrench or electric wrench;

(4) When using at high temperature, it must be cooled, and do not rotate quickly in order to avoid the lock caused by the rapid rise of temperature.

4. Safety Torque Reference Table:

(1) Use equipment: torsion wrench, bench vise, matching sleeve;

(2) Performance grade of screw and nut; A2-70, 304 material, tensile strength: 700N/m, sag strength: 450N/m;;

(3) Operation mode: the head of the screw is clamped vertically on the bench vise, with a piece of work piece, a flat cushion and a bullet pad in the middle, and then the nut is applied uniformly. When the force applied on the nut reaches the following value, the nut can no longer be rotated smoothly.

(4) Safety Torque Table: Unit: N.m. M20-2.5 M18-2.5 M16-2.0 M14-2.0 M12-1.75 Safety Torque 220 180 150 100 55 Specification M10-1.5 M8-1.25 M6-1.0 Safety Torque 4040409 Notes: The above data are based on the above experimental conditions for reference only. The actual data are affected by different construction conditions, but the maximum should not exceed this moment.


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